New shoes

Lola is not sure if she likes them.


Dea Lorea


Big girl

Lola is just over six months old now. This is how she spent most of Easter.

I made her appointment for her to get spayed today. I am trying not to make it a bigger deal than it really is. But leaving her with strangers is going to be hard. I guess it should make me feel better to know that she will be in the glorious land of NEW PEOPLE! She runs to and loves on everyone she sees. The last time we were at the Vet, she tried to lick the doctors face off. So, like I said, it will be hard, but only for me, I am guessing.


Dea Lorea

It is time for sun

After being stuck in the house for the most part for two days, I am ready to soak up some sun and walk outside in the fresh air. It is still colder than I would like, but I will not complain because the wind isn’t blowing icy coldness anymore.

during the storm, Lola would run outside to go potty and turn right around to come back in. Shaking her head after the wind blew her ears. Then she would go to the window, look out and whimper. I told her ” I feel ya girl, I feel ya.”

This morning when I let her out, she looked outside and her spirit was lifted. Her aura had changed the minute she stepped out and she felt that the wind had stopped. Her ears up and her nose lifted. The shadows distinct because the sun is glowing bright. She wandered a bit before coming back in.

We are going for a long walk today.


Dea Lorea

Photo shoot

Lola: Seriously? …Okay….go ahead….



This is my good side…..



…and looking FIERCE…



….are we done? …so over it…



Hello? I have shit to do……put it away!


Me: “You are such a diva.”


Dea Lorea

Lola Monday: With a new camera

Lola will be my test subject for my picture taking practice.

So far so good. So much fun.

This picture was taken after we had run around on the hill beside our house. It is perfect for Lola, because she gets to get out and run around and sniff and play and it is literally in our back yard so we don’t have to drive anywhere.

She loves to sniff around one spot until I have walked far away. Then I call her and she comes running. Full power sprinting. Until she passes me. Smiling and panting and proud. Then she turns around and comes back and sniffs around and waits for me to walk again. Its her game and she rocks it.

She has learned how to stay in her “place” while we eat dinner. Most of the time she just falls asleep, but it is nice to have her obey and it is nice to eat without wrestling a dog.

She has really started growing into her body. She is filling out with MORE muscle. The pulling is looking more like a must.

I am happy that I will be able to capture more of her, more accurately, to show you.

Because she has a lot to share.

Dea Lorea

I live in the Desert

I am just getting used to using the basic functions of the camera.

But I am in heaven and in awe.

The options and opportunities are endless.

My world is new.

I am in love.

I may live in the desert but my world has never been filled with more luscious life.


Dea Lorea

Lola Monday: 1/30 update

Lola is growing so fast. I can see her personality developing.

I am thinking these will be the last pictures I take of her with my old camera. I bought a new one over the weekend. it should be here in a couple of days and then I will be using Lola as my practice subject. It will be fun to compare the new pics to these old ones and I hope to capture more of her true nature. I am totally excited and can not wait!

I have had to adjust her collar to almost as big as it will go. I do believe she is going to be a big girl. I love watching her grow and seeing her muscles explode. Girl is ripped!

In the last Lola post I said I would teach her how to shake or high five. She learned both, plus how to wave. We are working on sitting up and maybe we will start playing dead. I am also working on teaching her to go to her “place”.

I am also looking into getting her a harness and getting me a bike, or making her a cart to pull. She wants to pull. It is in her blood to pull. She would love that job, I think. It will be fun to watch her do something that her breed was made for.

She went on another 2 mile walk with me today. I love that she loves our walks as much as I do.

She is my little big partner.


Dea Lorea