Favorite Thing Thursday: Sweater and haircut

Originally, this sweater was the first thing that caught my eye. I was looking for crochet patterns. I would love to make this for myself.

Then I noticed her hair. I love that cut. My hair is the same kind of cut but a lot shorter. I have been wanting a change, so maybe this will be it. Plus I grow out and cut my hair all the time, and it is grow time.


Dea Lorea


Favorite Thing Thursday: Yarn Bracelet

I found this while browsing Pinterest. I have been crocheting a lot lately and have learned that it takes a really long time to finish anything. So when I saw this, I was so excited to be able to make something cute and FAST. I will pick some cute colors and make one of these for my daughter and two nieces. I think a button would be cute added where the ends meet.


Dea Lorea

Let it flow

I love the pattern. Reliable and consistent. Beautiful over and over again. My work brought into the light. Like any kind of art. A product of expression ignited by thought and then produced.

My hope is to donate this scarf for an action. The money will go towards helping people get things that they need this holiday season.

Expression and creation of my love will continue to flow though many people.

And keep someone warm in the process.

So many things done for so many people and all from a spark of inspiration, a thought, and an expression.

Love that.


Dea Lorea





…Because I need another project. Right?

Turns out, I LOVE to crochet! I bought a book to teach me how. I was going to have a friend teach me but when I went to the store to gather my supplies, I saw the books and decide to get one. Then as soon as I got home I was in crochet land. Come to find out there’s a whole language and everything for this crap! But I love learning about it.

My mom said that some people are just naturally meant to crochet or knit and some aren’t. Like its a love it or hate it thing. She also said that my great grandmother would love that I am crocheting. I have some of her work that my mom gave me. Its kind of neat knowing that I am doing something that my great grandmother loved to do. I do believe I am meant to crochet. I have started a blanket. Maybe I will get it done before Christmas so that I can give it away as a gift.

Anyway, I am HOOKED. HAHA!

I also bought knitting needles…..we shall see….

I will post pictures of my crochet creations along with all of my other stuff.