The next step

I didn’t lose any weight this week. This was my “every other week” that my body has been kicking off at least 2 pounds on. This has been going on pretty much from the time I started this thing.

I am torn.

On one hand I am grateful for the change. I love change. It means I get to re-evaluate what I am doing. I have the opportunity to make adjustments and learn more about my body. it is like a little nudge letting me know that I have to change something in order to continue in the right direction. Or my body is just re-adjusting and I should embrace this.

On the other hand. FUCKING DAMN IT. I want to see that scale move! DOWN! FASTER!


What makes it easier to stick with felling #1 is that I think the reason I haven’t lost is most likely because I have significantly stepped up my weight training. (holy pain, by the way…) I have measured myself just to check and I have already lost an inch in my waist in about a week. So, even though no weight has come off, I am smaller. And that means I am building muscle and that means it is going to cancel out any fat loss that shows up on the scale.

This is what I am telling myself.

Over and over and over and over….


Also, to help myself feel better, I tried on those “next size down” jeans that have been waiting in my closet. I had tried them on a few weeks ago and they were too tight.


I laid a pair of shorts I was wearing in September underneath the ones that fit now just to get a good visual.  jeans

So, I am encouraged and excited to see what happens when my body re-regulates and uses this new muscle to help burn even more fat!

Look the hell out.

Shit is getting serious.



The forgotten sweatpants

Last year I bought a pair of sweatpants. They are size XL which usually did the trick when it came to stuffing my fat butt into them. But the brand was different than I usually get. When I got home I washed them right away never thinking about the need to try them on. I am sure almost everyone reading this can understand the feelings I had when I tried to pull them on and they wouldn’t go over my thighs. And for me, this is huge, because I am shaped backwards. My legs are small and my hips and belly area is bigger. So, for a pair of pants to not go over my thighs hit me hard. I almost gave them to my daughter. Something in me just wanted to keep them anyway, so I put them on the bottom of my sweatpants pile. I forgot all about them.

Last week when the weather got a little bit chilly, I went looking for a pair of comfy pants to wear around the house. I had recently gone through almost all of my clothes and gave away almost half of them because they were to big. I never went through the sweatpants because they have drawstrings and I can tie them until I can’t tie any more. I pulled a few of the pants on top off and noticed the forgotten sweatpants. I smiled. Instantly excited about trying them on.

Not only did they pull right up, but I had to tie that motherfucking drawstring into a motherfucking BOW.

Can I get a “HELLS YEAH!” ????

New shoes

Lola is not sure if she likes them.


Dea Lorea

Favorite Thing Thursday: Pajamas

Found on Pinterest, cute as hell, and in adult sizes.


I have been wanting a pair of these for me ever since my daughter wore them as a baby. They never made them in my size back then.

How comfy and cozy do these look? Totally comfy and cozy.

And how much fun? OMG so much fun!

They do make them with the opening in the back….but I dunno how secure I would feel knowing that that thing could come open be pulled open by Ted at any given time. So, I would get the covered ones and going to the bathroom would be a get naked thing. That could be fun…..or not.

Silly, I know, but as I get older, things like this make me feel young and fun. Which is rare lately.

I will wear them at home and enjoy them without bothering anyone but my family. They are used to me, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Dea Lorea

Favorite Thing Thursday: Dress

I found this dress online at ModCloth. I have added it to the “My Style” section in my Pinterest page.

I think it would be cute with some tights for winter. And some boots. Which is another favorite thing of mine that I want.

I love the way this hangs and can imagine the way the sleeves would flow when I move.Not to mention how comfy it would be.

Dea Lorea