Just a few things


I have been busy:

Writing down all of the food I eat, working out every day, planning meals and snacks, cleaning, working, getting new clients, researching, reading, laundry, cooking, dogs, kids, husband, life….. Oh and DUH! ….getting ready to go see PINK in Las Vegas! AH!

I am planning to take a lot of food. I refuse to let this trip pull me into “feeling like shit again” land. And so, I bought an insulated bag and I will be stocking that bitch with good shit.

I have learned a lot about the issues I am having with a few foods. Since cutting out everything I had thought might be an issue, I have not had any headaches, the rash I had is going away, and my heart only did its flippy thing one time. And that was after I tried a piece of Chocolate.


That’s what I said.


But, I am happy that I found some of the triggers, and now, all I have to do is stay clear of them if I want to feel good.

….but seriously?



Also, I wanted to share a contest that I am doing over on my Facebook page.

Here are the “rules”:

♥ Just share my page with your friends!!!!

♥ Then share the post about the contest!!!!

♥ And finally, write a quick comment telling me that you shared and would like to enter the drawing!


I will enter you in a drawing to win a book of my choice! Probably one that has helped me so much in my journey so far.

♥ I will enter you as many times as you share!!!! So feel free to do it a lot! 😉

♥ I will draw a winner on February 18th!



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