I posted these on my Facebook page already. So those of you who are already following me over there, Sorry! Its just me again….again…if you are sick of me, then move along…


I just wanted to get this on my blog too. The progress I am having lately has been very much in inches being lost and next to no pounds being lost. This last month I lost 3 pounds but 5 inches. It is hard not to be disappointed when that scale doesn’t freakin move. But when that measuring tape does, it makes up for it and then some.


It is an amazing feeling knowing that I am building muscle and losing fat.

It is even better seeing those muscles start to show.


I smile every time I look in the mirror now.

Instead of sucking in, twisting, pulling, and feeling defeated, drained and angry. Then looking away and walking out sad and hopeless.

Now I look, and see more of the real me every day. I am amazed at the revealing of my real frame, relaxed, I embrace myself, I smile, feel full of everything wonderful, and walk away happy, grateful, and peaceful.


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