The best gift

Okay, so those two cookie recipes I was all excited about kicking ass on and sharing with you did not happen. I tried to make them happen, but it was a no go. Just like everything else I am learning, this apparently will take time as well. I will not go into the details, but bottom line, I worked on those cookies for 5 hours and ended up throwing them all out.

Failure is the best way to grow. Am I right? Yes, I am.

Other than that, my Christmas was awesome. I did make a bean and Quinoa recipe that was good. My husband and sister loved it. I will post that later.

I did indulge and I ate a couple cookies and other little treats. I felt no guilt. I did feel sick though. And I am right back on track today. One other thing I noticed was the craving to have more sweets. Even though I didn’t want it in my body, there was a craving. More proof that the stuff IS addictive and triggers that cycle in our bodies. It was really interesting for me to go though that and feel it and understand it, and then kick its motherfucking ASS!

This month was also interesting for me because, though it is not over, I know I have not lost as much weight this month as I have been losing in the past months. BUT, I have lost more inches than I have in past months. And I feel like I look thinner. Look at these two photos! They were taken almost exactly a month apart.

Half way 4 418702_473226079390398_1561436220_n

I am only about one pound lighter in the second one, but a lot of inches smaller.

This is thanks to weight training. And my rock hard muscle is heavy, bitches! 😉

It is so much fun to weight/strength train and really be able to see and feel the changes in my body. When I would train before, when I was eating crap, it was always a let down to see myself just get bigger.

More proof that eating the right food is so very very important.

Like you needed more proof.

Along with a few other things, I learned to go through a holiday, enjoy it, and still stay true to my lifestyle.

Best. Gift. Ever.


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