Fast food

Even easier than the cauliflower soup, was Lentil soup.

I had never eaten Lentils before this. That I can remember. I am excited to have found such an easy food to prepare that is also so nutritious.

I used a big enough pot for the amount of soup I wanted. It is easy to make this soup for one person or for a huge family. Just use as much as you need of everything.

First I cooked some diced up garlic in olive oil until it was a little browned. Then I chopped up some Carrots and Zucchini and added them to the pot. I added water until I liked the amount. You do need a little more than a usual soup because the Lentils will soak up a lot of it. Then I added some bullion cubes and pepper to taste. I boiled that with a tilted lid for about 30 minutes.

So easy and filling. There was enough left over that I had some the next day for lunch. I love having left overs like this because it makes it really easy to grab good food when I am busy and hungry instead of something less nutritious. This is a soup I would like to put in a thermos or something to eat “on the go”. WAY better than a “whatever the hell kinda bar” or something packaged.




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