What I have given myself

I have lost a total of 30 pounds so far.

I am so amazed at how my body gets rid of weight. It has its own rhythm and cycle. Every other week, at the end of the week, like clockwork. For about 3 days I drop a pound a day. I have not tried to research exactly why. I just embrace it. It is proof that my body knows what it is doing. A reminder of its perfection and the beauty of how wonderfully perfect it is.

A couple of cool things that have been happening:

After giving a lot to my clothes away to friends, I needed some new ones to help me through the sizes I was dropping without having to buy new clothes every month or so. A few friends of mine gave me some jeans that had become too big for them. When I got them, they were a little too tight. I put them in my closet and thought I would give it a month or two and try them on again. When I did, last week, they were already almost too big! I will wear them as much as possible now, but I did not think I was anywhere close to 2-3 sizes down! YAY!

I have noticed that I have a hard time judging my size.

At the store, I grabbed a new pair of pajama pants in a size large, thinking I wanted them a little bit big. I have mostly 2X and they are all falling off and I can’t tie the drawstrings any more without having them all bunched up. So a regular large seemed realistic. I got them home and put them on and they fell off.

Okay, so a medium! Holy crap a medium! YAY! CRAZY! So, again I buy them and bring them home. Seriously, they fit but are baggy.

I am glad these are cheep pj pants, cuz damn.I will find someone to give them too, so I am not worried, but damn!

So, next time I went to the store, just to experiment, I bought a size SMALL.


They fit perfectly.

I don’t even really know what to say. The weight coming off is the most wonderful feeling in the world, but the list of other gifts I have received is just blowing my mind.

If there is anything you are willing to give yourself, changing what you put in your body should be number 1.



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