Good morning meal

I have been eating about 6 or 7 times a day lately. I like this because it helps me stay clear of the big meals, which is when I usually have my binge cravings. Plus it gives me a chance to enjoy many different meals throughout the day.

I get up around 6:00 in the morning and I have a couple of hours before I can make myself any real breakfast, so I love to grab something quick and easy. My favorite is plain greek yogurt with a bunch of goodies in it.

I like Chobani because it is the one that I found with the least amount of sugar in it.

Then I add Mio. My favorite flavor is the orange tangerine .

After that I add some Flax seeds. They have Omega-3 and healing ingredients in them.

Then I add Chia seeds. These have a lot of Omega-3 and fiber.

I love the texture of nuts in my yogurt. My favorite is walnuts.

Then I get all crazy and add even more Omega-3 with some Flax seed oil. I do not take a supplement for Omega-3 because I prefer to get it this way. It tastes better and I can put it in almost anything.

Mix it all up and eat it all up! YUM!

This keeps me satisfied for a couple of hours while I get the kids out the door, dogs fed, morning chores done, shower and dress and get ready for the day.

I hope this inspires you to make an extra small meal or snack that is good for you and keeps your metabolism going.



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