I used to eat an entire bag of chocolate  candy. Easily in one sitting. After eating a huge meal. This was part of the binging that I mentioned here. And though, I still have some issues with wanting to binge, the addictive need for sugar is almost entirely gone. Because of this I never get heartburn anymore, I don’t feel tired and achy, I sleep better, I have more energy to work out, I recover quickly when I exert myself, my premenstrual symptoms have decreased, and my mind is clear. The list is a lot longer but I will continue that later.

One of the biggest things I was seriously worried about when I started changing my diet was what I was going to eat instead of my chocolate? How could I substitute it? Where will I get my fix? I think about that now and I want to laugh at myself. I was so blind and I didn’t even know it. It is interesting to think that I thought about that in all seriousness. I am so pleasantly surprised to find that the problem was solved on its own. The “need” for the crap is simply gone.

I do still like the taste of chocolate. I crave it on a different level.  Not out of need, but just a healthy craving that my body expresses. I know that there is nutritional value in real, raw cocoa.

I was looking around the health store today and came across this chocolate.

I know that the amount of cocoa should be over 80%. And I had seen someone else post something about how much they liked this brand. The bar cost a little under $4.00. So, I decided to try it.

I ate a square of it when I got home and it was enough for me. It is very strong, but it has enough sweetness that it hits that chocolate spot. I think this will be perfect for me when I crave cocoa.

Never in my life would I have thought I would be able to eat one square of chocolate and be satisfied. If you would have told me that five months ago, I would have literally laughed in your face.

That is what motivates me to help other people.

If I can do this thing, ANYONE can.

And not only can you do it, you can LOVE it.

You can WANT it.


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