Every day

I walk every single day. Rain or shine. I need it. Up until a week ago it was beautiful and sunny almost every day. I could easily go walking in the morning and wear a tank top. I got into a routine and started a great habit.

I have noticed after a while, I forgot about the need. It became a chore. I started to think of reasons not to go.

Recently it has been getting very cold in the mornings. It makes it hard to get motivated to go for a walk when you know you’re going to spend the whole walk shivering with a numb face.

Today I remembered why I went for afternoon walks in the winter. And I think it is time to start again. By about 3:00 it is usually not only warm enough, but beautiful. It is especially beautiful today, because there are such wonderful colors all around.

Today I couldn’t stop taking huge deep breaths and exhaling with such a huge amount of gratitude. Looking at the sky and saying thank you. I felt like the joy and peace was absorbing into me and then radiating back into the air.

Today I found a renewed sense of need for this experience.





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