Late bloomers

It started freezing at night about a week ago. One of my tomato plants only started producing tomatoes a few week before that. Right before it froze it busted out a dozen or so tomatoes. What the? So, I harvested all the green tomatoes.

Then I decided to try my hand at fried green tomatoes. Which I have never made, especially in a healthier version.

My biggest issue was of course what to bread them with if I don’t want to use any processed bread product.
I just happened to notice Flax Seed Meal at the store and had wanted to get some for some other recipes anyway, so I grabbed it.

I used eggs to dip them in first and then dipped them in the Flax Seed Meal mixed with some garlic powder and pepper.

Then I fried them in Olive Oil until they were as cooked as I thought they should be.

I don’t like fresh tomatoes at all. I can’t handle them with anything or alone. I do LOVE tomato sauces, stewed tomatoes, and cooked tomatoes in almost anything. I am weird. I know.

I really liked the taste of these because there really wasn’t much going on flavor wise and the fresh tomato taste was gone.

I liked the mild taste of the Flax Seeds.

You could obviously add whatever spices you want and it would easily overtake the Flax Seed flavor.


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