Tried it: Roasted Chick Peas

I have seen this on Pinterest a lot and it always looks so good. I mean, a crunchy snack that is GOOD FOR YOU? HELLO! So, I tried it the other day.

I did it without the recipe at first. I just did what I thought I remembered the recipe had said. 😉 So, I rinsed and drained the chick peas and dried them and rolled them in some cinnamon and Agave. Then I put them on a lined cookie sheet and baked them at about 350 long enough for them to turn a little brown. I had to leave the house to go on my walk, so I took them out and left. When I got back and tasted one, they were still soft inside. Um, I wanted crunchy! 😦

So, I went online and looked up the recipe again and it said I should have cooked them longer and added the flavoring stuff AFTER. Hey, I got the temperature right!

I put them back in the oven again, thinking I would keep checking on them and see how crunchy I could get them.

Guess who forgot all about them?


…Until I smelled smoke….

Well, they are SERIOUSLY crunchy now. 😉

I picked out the not so burned ones, and they were really good!

I love that you can also do different flavors, like garlic, or sea salt and vinegar….

I am looking forward to next time I make them. The one thing that my family and I miss is something like this to munch on. I have a feeling I will be making a lot of these.

Which is good because someone needs some practice.




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