The importance of Pinterest

One of my little secret weapons to staying focused and motivated is Pinterest. I joined about a year ago. None of my friends knew about it. My nephew’s girlfriend posted a comment to me on Facebook about how she thought I would like it. Oh was that girl ever so right. THANK YOU! I have visited it almost every single day since. At first it was just fun to find things I liked and save the pictures. After some time, I started to realize that what I posted on my boards was important because I am a firm believer that what you wish for, you get. It has been a big help to me as I have been changing my lifestyle. My “Food” board looked much different when I started than it does now. And as I find more blogs to follow with lots of good recipes, it is easy to add them to my board. That it is one of my biggest inspirations. Almost everything I cook now, I have found there. It saves all of the recipes for me, looks beautiful, and when I am ready for something new, I just go look. LOVE. I also started an “Inspiration” and “I work out” board. When I am feeling sluggish, bored, need to do something besides eat, or just having doubts, I go pin to those boards and I am revived. For people like me, who are very visual this is very helpful. I love being able to easily create a vision board. And it is so much more than a vision board to me now.

If you are looking for something to help motivate you, stay motivated, inspire you, or to help you set and keep goals, you should give this a try. If you already use it, then I suggest making a specific board for the things you want to accomplish and keep everything you pin there true to what you need and want.

If you aren’t already, you can follow me on Pinterest here:


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