The forgotten sweatpants

Last year I bought a pair of sweatpants. They are size XL which usually did the trick when it came to stuffing my fat butt into them. But the brand was different than I usually get. When I got home I washed them right away never thinking about the need to try them on. I am sure almost everyone reading this can understand the feelings I had when I tried to pull them on and they wouldn’t go over my thighs. And for me, this is huge, because I am shaped backwards. My legs are small and my hips and belly area is bigger. So, for a pair of pants to not go over my thighs hit me hard. I almost gave them to my daughter. Something in me just wanted to keep them anyway, so I put them on the bottom of my sweatpants pile. I forgot all about them.

Last week when the weather got a little bit chilly, I went looking for a pair of comfy pants to wear around the house. I had recently gone through almost all of my clothes and gave away almost half of them because they were to big. I never went through the sweatpants because they have drawstrings and I can tie them until I can’t tie any more. I pulled a few of the pants on top off and noticed the forgotten sweatpants. I smiled. Instantly excited about trying them on.

Not only did they pull right up, but I had to tie that motherfucking drawstring into a motherfucking BOW.

Can I get a “HELLS YEAH!” ????


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