…comes with a free side of…

It is interesting watching the way other people act when I tell them about my life changes. At first, no one really had anything to say. Then after a while, some people jumped in to help and support me. Which, by the way, was the best blessing ever and I am forever grateful. When I hit my first rough spot, a couple of people tried to tell me what I was doing wrong. I still gained even more supporters and friends that cheered me on. As I continued and people saw that I really was serious, really knew what I was doing, and it really was working for me, The support grew even more. I truly take this love to heart. I really appreciate and recognize the gift that it is. I am very excited when someone tells me that I have inspired them in some way because that is what I hope for. I loved the inspiration I got from people when I was struggling with these same things so it is such a wonderful feeling to give that back.

Recently I have had a few people start to judge and criticize some of my choices and me personally. All I can think of to do is to continue on my path and try to not let it bug me. Like everything else that is new in my life, so is dealing with this. I have loads of “go to” feelings for when other people are changing their lives, but I have never been on this end. In a way, I love the adventure and the excitement of change. In another way, I am wary because I have no words or “go to” feelings when these things come to me. It is yet another thing I never thought would come with this new package.

I am going to embrace it, learn, grow, be inspired, and build from this. I just need time.



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