To chop or not to chop

The question that I ask that is probably the most annoying to everyone around me is, “Should I cut my hair or let it grow?” I realize that a lot of the eye rolling I get for asking that is because people are just as confused as me. It couldn’t possibly be because I have asked this fifty times before and they are thinking, “My god, seriously, pick one already… we have better things to do with our lives… no one really cares.”

Maybe I just need to get a wig. I want the best of both worlds. Some days I want my long beautiful full hair flowing in the breeze and the ability to do multiple things with it. And then the next day I really would love the no fuss, sassy, cute, statement of a really short cut. Why can’t hair just grow faster? That would solve this problem. The thing is, when I decide I want it long, it is really short. So I start to grow it out. By the time it gets long enough to actually not look stupid and to be a style, I am dreaming of my short hair again. I have done this three or four times. Then I give up and cut it and the cycle starts over.

Tomorrow I have a hair cut appointment.

I still am not completely sure if I want to trim and layer and clean it up to continue growing it, or chop it the fuck off.

This is what it looks like. It is actually a little bit longer now, because it is really starting to grow…..which, sigh, doesn’t help in going in the cutting it off direction.

I will take a picture after the cut tomorrow and post it.

I am sure I will be as surprised as you.


Dea Lorea



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