And so much more

When I started this lifestyle change, I simply wanted to get rid of weight. I have made some serious changes, done a lot of research and done some major work and am finally seeing results. I am grateful for that. What is surprising me, is how I feel in my soul. What is amazing me, is what my life looks like to me now. What I never expected, was to feel so much powerful growth inside. It is like everything is finally clear. Everything is crystal clear. The clouded fog that I was dredging through daily, has vanished. I can feel my power. I can experience challenges through these new eyes. I see me for who I am, and I can say, with honesty, for the first time in my life, I love me. Deeply. I never could have dreamed that this could have been the answer to not only my weight loss, but to my lifelong bliss. I have a list of over 6 things that were a daily struggle or physical pain for me, that are now gone. Gone. Like I never experience them. Gone. I am losing weight. I am getting strong. I feel better than I ever have. And to top it off, as if that weren’t enough, my soul is blossoming into the real me. I have the strength to stand for what I love and believe. And I have the ability to enjoy every minute of it. I am uncovering myself physically and mentally. And I love what I see.


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