In a different light

Try as hard as you want. Try with money and words. Try with all of your hopes. You can try until there is nothing left. Try until you are translucent.  But, until you see the reality, until you see that you are going for the goal that you think you need in the wrong way, you will just run yourself into the ground. If you can’t get past your stubborn ways to see things in a different light, to be open to someone else knowing more than you, being better than you, you will be stuck. Forever turning and trying. And too blind to even know how lost you are. And when people stop giving you the attention you thrive on, you will finally feel the void that you created. You will suck the life from everyone around you trying to regain it. This will happen over and over again.

The way out is so simple and it is right in front of your eyes.


Dea Lorea


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