A little rant

Some people get defensive when I tell them I don’t eat sugar or milk or processed food. They argue with my choices, and try to convince me that I am ignorant. I know its just because they haven’t pulled their head out yet and they are justifying their choices and are not ready to see the reality. They still don’t realize the damage they are doing to themselves and the trap that they are in. I have been there. I understand it all too well. I hope that I can serve as a positive example. My hope for these people is that they pull their heads out sooner than later, for the sake of their lives, and those who love them….

I do not think I have it all together. Believe me. I am the first to admit how many mistakes I make. And I am still learning. But when people argue with me about my choices, when obviously they are healthier than theirs, it just makes me stop and think. And then I realize, that used to be me. And I understand.

Dea Lorea


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