After a wonderful thunder storm

…..this is what we get.  As if the storm itself wasn’t enough.

Beauty for the eyes, after the sounds and smells and touch.

Thank you.

Wow, thank you.


Dea Lorea



This was completely hidden from view a couple weeks ago. Before a neighbor started a wildfire that burned a huge amount of the dry grass and brush around our house.

I love the barren, obviousness that this makes me feel.


Dea Lorea

New shoes

Lola is not sure if she likes them.


Dea Lorea

Big girl

Lola is just over six months old now. This is how she spent most of Easter.

I made her appointment for her to get spayed today. I am trying not to make it a bigger deal than it really is. But leaving her with strangers is going to be hard. I guess it should make me feel better to know that she will be in the glorious land of NEW PEOPLE! She runs to and loves on everyone she sees. The last time we were at the Vet, she tried to lick the doctors face off. So, like I said, it will be hard, but only for me, I am guessing.


Dea Lorea


I can’t believe it is Spring again. And almost a year ago I started writing here.

I remember posting pictures of my unplanned garden. This year our garden is very much planned and I have baby plants growing indoors already. It will be fun to compare the two.

It is like someone switched on the Spring button here. Beautiful weather and birds chirping and bugs flying around. This weekend is supposed to be in the 80’s.

I already have a sun tan and an occasional out of nowhere smile.


Dea Lorea

It has been like, forever!

HI! I am back. My time away from this is over. I had to honor my need to go with the flow.

But I am back, for now, for who knows how long.

With spring.


Dea Lorea