It is time for sun

After being stuck in the house for the most part for two days, I am ready to soak up some sun and walk outside in the fresh air. It is still colder than I would like, but I will not complain because the wind isn’t blowing icy coldness anymore.

during the storm, Lola would run outside to go potty and turn right around to come back in. Shaking her head after the wind blew her ears. Then she would go to the window, look out and whimper. I told her ” I feel ya girl, I feel ya.”

This morning when I let her out, she looked outside and her spirit was lifted. Her aura had changed the minute she stepped out and she felt that the wind had stopped. Her ears up and her nose lifted. The shadows distinct because the sun is glowing bright. She wandered a bit before coming back in.

We are going for a long walk today.


Dea Lorea


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