A few more months

I have the itch to start my new garden. This year my hopes for it are high. Intentional progress will be made. This year we will not just “throw some seeds in to see if they start”.

The weather here makes for a good teaser. It was about 65 degrees last week. The air smelling warm and full of spring. A random bug flew through the air over my head.

Today I think the high is somewhere in the 40’s and the wind is like ice. Crisp and cold on my skin. The mountains are covered in snow.

This year I want to keep the garden full of things we will eat a lot of. Green beans, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, sunflowers and I would like to try to grow some corn. I need to build some kind of climbing thing for the cucumbers and squash. That will also provide some shade because I have a feeling this summer will be a hot one.

I miss my lizard friend that helped me watch over the garden. Though, he didn’t eat enough of those little green things. That will be another mission this year. To find out exactly what they are and how to get rid of them and keep them away.

For a few more months though, I will daydream, make lists, and visualize.

And wait.

Dea Lorea


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