This day

Expectations lost. I just tell myself not to have them, but my heart wants.

The day is scattered and has no barrings.

I find peace and gratitude in several small things. Small to most, actually, huge to me.

I celebrate quietly within my own world. My safe world.

Half ass wishes to people that deserve better from me.

Inspiration from those who I adore.

Left empty and unfulfilled.

Love….to be loved….I ache for it still.

What and who will extinguish this need, thirst, and want. And when?

I want for more than the end of the need. I want for the opportunity that I hope can someday exist.

I am never happy for an ending of a day. I always find a reason to linger in it a bit longer.

Not today.

Today hurt my heart. Hurt my soul.

It is okay because I also know that I am strong. I am stronger than anyone knows.

I will have a fresh start tomorrow. There is promise and love and joy in that.

I am glad this day is over.


Dea Lorea


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