Lola Monday: With a new camera

Lola will be my test subject for my picture taking practice.

So far so good. So much fun.

This picture was taken after we had run around on the hill beside our house. It is perfect for Lola, because she gets to get out and run around and sniff and play and it is literally in our back yard so we don’t have to drive anywhere.

She loves to sniff around one spot until I have walked far away. Then I call her and she comes running. Full power sprinting. Until she passes me. Smiling and panting and proud. Then she turns around and comes back and sniffs around and waits for me to walk again. Its her game and she rocks it.

She has learned how to stay in her “place” while we eat dinner. Most of the time she just falls asleep, but it is nice to have her obey and it is nice to eat without wrestling a dog.

She has really started growing into her body. She is filling out with MORE muscle. The pulling is looking more like a must.

I am happy that I will be able to capture more of her, more accurately, to show you.

Because she has a lot to share.

Dea Lorea


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