Lola Monday: 1/30 update

Lola is growing so fast. I can see her personality developing.

I am thinking these will be the last pictures I take of her with my old camera. I bought a new one over the weekend. it should be here in a couple of days and then I will be using Lola as my practice subject. It will be fun to compare the new pics to these old ones and I hope to capture more of her true nature. I am totally excited and can not wait!

I have had to adjust her collar to almost as big as it will go. I do believe she is going to be a big girl. I love watching her grow and seeing her muscles explode. Girl is ripped!

In the last Lola post I said I would teach her how to shake or high five. She learned both, plus how to wave. We are working on sitting up and maybe we will start playing dead. I am also working on teaching her to go to her “place”.

I am also looking into getting her a harness and getting me a bike, or making her a cart to pull. She wants to pull. It is in her blood to pull. She would love that job, I think. It will be fun to watch her do something that her breed was made for.

She went on another 2 mile walk with me today. I love that she loves our walks as much as I do.

She is my little big partner.


Dea Lorea



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