Photographer in the making

I am thinking of asking for a new camera for my birthday.

I have always wanted a nice high quality camera. I have always wanted to take beautiful pictures. I feel that I will get good use out of it. I will use it everyday. I think it will feed my creative side and nurture my love of life as art. I will also be able to make this blog more beautiful and more me. I am excited to be able to show people life the way I see it.

I have been asking everyone I know for recommendations. So far I have had two:

Canon 50D

Nikon D3100

I really have nothing to compare these to as I have never owned anything like this.

Any input you all would like to give me on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance. And hopefully soon you will be able to come along on my journey of learning how to be a great photographer.


Dea Lorea



2 Comments on “Photographer in the making”

  1. Dea Lorea says:

    Thank you! I appreciate the info!

  2. J. Miller says:

    I’ve got a Canon 50D and am very happy with it. If it’s in the budget however, the lower number “D” series, like the 1D features full-frame capacity, whereas the 50D loses frame area and you have to have it in your mind that an 85mm lens for example, will actually shoot as a 135mm. Otherwise, all the other features on the 1D are in my opinion, of lesser importance, and the 50D should fit the bill just fine, with that one caveat in mind.

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