Favorite Thing Thursday: Pajamas

Found on Pinterest, cute as hell, and in adult sizes.


I have been wanting a pair of these for me ever since my daughter wore them as a baby. They never made them in my size back then.

How comfy and cozy do these look? Totally comfy and cozy.

And how much fun? OMG so much fun!

They do make them with the opening in the back….but I dunno how secure I would feel knowing that that thing could come open be pulled open by Ted at any given time. So, I would get the covered ones and going to the bathroom would be a get naked thing. That could be fun…..or not.

Silly, I know, but as I get older, things like this make me feel young and fun. Which is rare lately.

I will wear them at home and enjoy them without bothering anyone but my family. They are used to me, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Dea Lorea


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