In the end it is all love.

I am seriously questioning a few relationships today. Is it clarity, coincidence, an epiphany, or just emotionally driven feelings? I am not sure yet. I feel confident that I can question and inquire and find a good conclusion that will provide the right kind of outcome for me.

I want to be peaceful and simple in my relationships. All of them. I don’t want to have to deal with their issues and emotions projected onto me. This seems to be what I need to learn to maneuver. It is wrong for them to do this to me, I realize. But I can not control people. So, my goal is to learn how to deal with this when it happens. To teach people how I will be treated by them. That’s my only jurisdiction.

I have to keep fear under control so that it, in its many manifestations, doesn’t have its way with my decision making.

I have to stay calm and listen with my heart.

I have to be patient and understanding and give them my attention and time.

I am confident that the outcome will be positive for me. Even if it means that these relationships must end.

Whatever the outcome, it will be all done in love.

For me and them.

Dea Lorea


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