Favorite Thing Thursday: Haircut

I am growing my hair out and I have to have styles as I go so that I don’t look like a goofball for all of the in-between stages.

I posted in another Favorite Thing Thursday post about what my goal was then.

I am almost there now, and need to get a trim so I have found my next goal to go by.

Here is the goal for my next stage.

Found it on Pinterest. Of course.

I love this cut. Not the color. My hair is dark brown, and if I was going to do another color underneath, it would be red, or pink. As I have done before.

The fullness should not be a problem for me. I have thick wavy hair. I may actually need to thin it out  so that it doesn’t start looking like a huge puffball on top of my head.

Hopefully I will actually make it to this length this time before I go nuts and hack it all off again.

We shall see.


Dea Lorea


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