What I never thought I needed

Like many other times in my life, I have been given a gift. A gift I did not realize was a gift until after the blessings have sunk in. The way I see it now, it was the law of attraction at work, blessings being granted, problems being solved, desires being realized. Now, I can see it. Beautiful and clear.

I pictured myself walking with a dog. And every time I did it was a girl, and it was tan in color, and it was a Pit Bull.

I never really focused on it obsessively. I just loved the feeling it gave me and the hope that it inspired and I let the thought come and go with ease and peace. I did this for about two weeks. Then one day, Ted’s friend calls with a number for the guy who has Pit Bull puppies. Before he has even had time to come home and tell me.

I have also been working on a lifestyle that I can not just be comfortable with but that I can LOVE. I do not want to just lose weight and I do not just want to be healthy. I want my goal and continued result to be that I am in love with everything I do and the way I look.

I have been walking a lot. I love walking. Fresh air and movement outside. Beautiful. Reviving. LOVE. Check.

I eat what I love. What makes me feel good. What nourishes my body. I do not stress over what and when I eat. I can not work like that. I know what makes me feel good and how much and I stick with that. Delicious. Nourishing. Satisfying. LOVE. Check.

So, here I am going down my path and now I get to add to the picture, Lola.

Never in a million years would I have been able to guess how much she would add to my everything. I almost can’t even explain the love and joy she has added to my life. Our lives. Our Family Bond.

My once enjoyable walk now has even more meaning and drive. We bond and share and trust and respect. Just me and her and the world.

Everything has more meaning and the enjoyment is magnified.

A dog in my life to teach and learn from. She teaches me to be present. She teaches me to see things as simple and easy. Every moment is an opportunity. A reason to be a good leader. Fulfilling. Simple. Bonding. Grounding.




Dea Lorea


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