Lola Monday: 1/30 update

Lola is growing so fast. I can see her personality developing.

I am thinking these will be the last pictures I take of her with my old camera. I bought a new one over the weekend. it should be here in a couple of days and then I will be using Lola as my practice subject. It will be fun to compare the new pics to these old ones and I hope to capture more of her true nature. I am totally excited and can not wait!

I have had to adjust her collar to almost as big as it will go. I do believe she is going to be a big girl. I love watching her grow and seeing her muscles explode. Girl is ripped!

In the last Lola post I said I would teach her how to shake or high five. She learned both, plus how to wave. We are working on sitting up and maybe we will start playing dead. I am also working on teaching her to go to her “place”.

I am also looking into getting her a harness and getting me a bike, or making her a cart to pull. She wants to pull. It is in her blood to pull. She would love that job, I think. It will be fun to watch her do something that her breed was made for.

She went on another 2 mile walk with me today. I love that she loves our walks as much as I do.

She is my little big partner.


Dea Lorea



Photographer in the making

I am thinking of asking for a new camera for my birthday.

I have always wanted a nice high quality camera. I have always wanted to take beautiful pictures. I feel that I will get good use out of it. I will use it everyday. I think it will feed my creative side and nurture my love of life as art. I will also be able to make this blog more beautiful and more me. I am excited to be able to show people life the way I see it.

I have been asking everyone I know for recommendations. So far I have had two:

Canon 50D

Nikon D3100

I really have nothing to compare these to as I have never owned anything like this.

Any input you all would like to give me on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance. And hopefully soon you will be able to come along on my journey of learning how to be a great photographer.


Dea Lorea


More funny for you

Both of these videos are hilarious. Both are even more hilarious if you have seen each of their past YouTube videos and then watch these. They both do such an awesome job playing each other. I love it.

So, I suggest wasting half your day watching all of their other videos and then these. Otherwise you probably won’t get half of the “funny” parts. Just do it. You won’t regret it. 🙂

Then watch these in this order:

Jenna Marbles



Hanna Hart


Have some more laughs! LOVE! 🙂

You’re welcome.

Dea Lorea

Favorite Thing Thursday: My Funny Board

…On Pinterest.

When ever I need a good laugh, or if I am just bored, I go here.

These are just the ones I have found so far. This thing grows every day. So check back often. 🙂

Have a good laugh people, we all can use one. Am I right?


Dea Lorea

10 things that made me love myself a little more this morning


2. Waking up from dreaming that I was happy and content.

3. The number on the scale.

4. A favor asked of me that I could easily and efficiently provide.

5. Something in common with more than one person.

6. A new perspective on an old concept.

7. The hope of a wonderful day that feels like it was made just for me.

8. The face in the mirror.

9. The feeling of being needed and appreciated.

10. The time I dedicate to me, for me, because of me.


Dea Lorea



I love a blank canvas

Because it is “Retro Week” on Facebook, I used a picture of me when I was 18 years old.

I can’t believe this was almost 20 years ago. TWENTY.


I can still hear myself. The way I used to sound in my head back then. So naive. So much blackness. Not blackness in the depressing teenage angst way, but more like blankness, like an empty canvas. I was learning so much and filling in the blackness with colors and lights. Emotions and knowledge. Wisdom and love.

Until today where the blackness is a smaller space.

There is still some there to be filled in.

Twenty years from now, I wonder how much blackness will be left.

I hope I always have some left. I hope things always amaze me. I hope I can always be surprised. I hope I can always learn. Gain wisdom. Feel new emotions and situations.

I hope I can always paint on blank canvas.


Dea Lorea

Lola Monday: Curious girl

Such a good girl.

This little soul is going to do wonderful things.

More, wonderful things.

She got to experience snow for the first time today.

No big deal, mildly impressed, pretty low on the Lola excitement scale. But I thought she was cute watching the melting snow drop from the car with curious eyes.

So much curiosity in that little one.

I have taught her to sit, lay down and roll over. She waits patiently for food, treats, and until I invite her into doorways and onto the bed or couch. I can also make her wait for extended periods of time for a treat that is on the ground right in front of her nose. She is a fast learner.

Next on the list is either high five or shake. Or both.

Dea Lorea