Another generation in dog years

She is sleeping so I finally have two seconds to post about her. It has been a very busy last few days. We got a new puppy on Sunday. We did this after very careful consideration and waiting until we were very sure that we wanted to go through it all again.

Daisy was our first dog. She was awesome. Such a great aura about her. Though there were many things we wished we could have done differently, we tried our best to give her a great life. She was about 12 years old when she died. We keep her memory close to our hearts and talk about her all the time. She shared a lot of good times with us.

So, when Ted saw pictures of a Pit Bull puppy that his coworker was showing him, he decided to ask if I was ready. My first response was “No.” But I immediately thought about it again and talked it over with him. After some discussion, we decided that it actually was the right time. Especially because I can be home with her all day and we can get though these first few puppy weeks without major drama. And believe me she has fully exercised her right to express her puppy-ness in full force.

The whole family is in love with her.

She is learning and growing and chewing….everything…

I have been attached to Cesar’s website. It has helped a lot. I wish we could just invite him over though.

My first goal, and I can not wait till its here: Get her house trained. I dream of the day. I hope that all of my positive thoughts sink in soon.

The feeling I have though, is pretty cool. The love and joy she has brought into our home is amazing. And I am happy for the new perspective and energy that I get to experience.

When I think about it now, we really were meant to have a dog in our family all along. I am glad we waited for her to come at the right time.

We love you Lola.

Just stop pissing on my carpet.



Dea Lorea


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