Picture: Owl

(Please excuse my unfocused and un-zoomed picture.)

On top of that power pole is an Owl. I know it looks small in this picture, but right before I took this it flew over me. That thing is huge. And beautiful.

There is a pair of them that come to this spot almost every night. On this night they were early, because usually they come at about one in the morning. This is when they hoot their little big hearts out. They are so loud that we have mistaken them for being right on top of our house before. The power behind their hoots is extreme.

I love it. When they wake me up in the middle of the night, at first I am confused and disoriented and don’t know what the sound is. Every time. And then I realize WHO it is and smile and wish them good morning. Good early morning. And I fall back asleep to the sound of their song.


Dea Lorea


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