Because tomorrow is New Years Eve

I should make a list of resolutions. Says almost everyone I talk to. Because someone decided that the new year should bring something else. It should be new and should restart life. I don’t think life restarts because of a day on our calendar. Isn’t very day new? The universe doesn’t recognize the new year. It does not recognize any holiday. Would it really make anything different if I start a list of goals on any day of the year? Its just another day. Like every day of my life. Every single day. Every peaceful, joy filled, exciting day.

Its another day, but it is not JUST another day. It is a beautiful, wonderful, blessed, amazing new day. Just like every other day.

That being said, one of my goals that I made a while ago was to connect with someone important to me. To be inspired by someone to do amazing things. To be acknowledged by someone I think is important.

I wrote this reply on Susan Powter’s website after hearing one of her posts. The woman makes me smile and laugh. And then she makes me think and rethink and realize. I love her unique power.

And she replied to me.

December 29, 2011 at 3:32 pm Dea

OMG I fucking love you.

December 30, 2011 at 9:45 am Susan

And I fucking love you and, your name, good stock, the Deas of the world, which brings to mind Dorothy Allison, which brings to mind pure joy every time, thank you, lovely energy and, link it out and up…

Susan Powter

This seriously made my day. And made me smile and think.

And there is one resolution to cross off my list. Before the “New Year” has even come.

Dea Lorea


Favorite Thing Thursday: Fudgy Chocolate Chip Toffee Bars

I made these for Christmas. As gifts and for my family as a treat.

I found them on Pinterest.

They didn’t last too long.

LOVE these!


Dea Lorea

Picture: Newborn…again

Just when I thought my days of holding a sleeping baby with one hand and typing with the other were over….


Dea Lorea

Words Wednesday: The one who can hear me

My words are filled with meaning for this moment. My eyes sparkle with the light from sparks that ignite my tender inner space. I am releasing these gifts to you with glory and expressing thoughts that only you are allowed to hear.

If you would be silent for a minute and listen. Listen with your soul. Seriously hear me. I think that the gift for both of us would be awesome.

Maybe you are not the one I should be sharing this with. Maybe you are not the one who can hear me.

Who is?

Maybe I should be more concerned with what I am saying than who is listening.

Dea Lorea

Picture: Blue sky

The weather is unusually warm so far this winter. Today’s high was around 55. I was sitting outside with Lola for a bit and could feel the heat of the sun on my face. I love that. I miss that. I am thankful for that. But I would not mind some snow. I love that too.


Dea Lorea

Cookie memories

I remember the way I felt one day when my mom made chocolate chip cookies. I was about eleven years old. One winter Saturday afternoon. The air outside was like it is today. Warm for a winter day. Sunny for a few hours and then the clouds came. The smell of cool air in the wispy breeze. The way the sun came into the house. The mood it induced has stuck in my memory forever. Vivid and always awakening the same feeling. Secure and comfortable. Peaceful and sure. Protected.

I always get the same feeling when I bake cookies now. With added memories piled high.

So much enjoyment before they are even ready to eat.

Dea Lorea

Lola Monday: Sunning

She loves to squeeze herself under this couch. She is like a cat and scurries around underneath and grunts. We roll her ball under there with her and she fetches it. After she lost interest in playing, she found the sun spot and fell asleep. At the rate that she is growing she won’t be able to fit under here much longer.


Dea Lorea