I don’t know how many times I have changed my career goals. I thought about those changes as things that have happened to me. Things that I had to change because of those people that did those things to me. Recently I have learned just the opposite, though it is still hard to see that clearly from a personal point of view. I believe everything that happens in my life, happens because of me. Because of something I put out into the world. A feeling, something I said, thoughts, things I did, the timing of my actions, how I responded to a multitude of issues and things and people.

I feel that it all has led me to where I am today and the lessons I have learned along the way are extremely valuable. I agree that I must learn and grow from things that happen. But I strongly believe that those things happened for no other reason than I set myself up to endure them. I believe this is true for everyone.

You are where you are today because of you. No one else.

Think about this being true for every person in the world, stop, take a look, you will see this is true. Have you ever wondered why it is that when you think of a certain object, that it seems to pop up everywhere you look?

I believe karma works in this way. I do not believe you can enforce Karma onto people. If fact, if you are giving out the feelings of enforcing anything on anyone, that indeed is what you will get in return. That is your own personal Karma. Only you can propel your Karma. Interesting I think. And I have seen it in action.

So, when I take a look at reasons why the jobs I have had have ended, I thought, in the past, that it was never my fault. In reality, it totally was always mine.

I am grateful for them all because I what I learned in the process was invaluable. In more ways than one.

I am also thankful for the choice to not work (yeah right, all moms know its a full time job with no pay and no breaks…) in order to raise my children at home with me and to provide a real household for my family.

I feel that the new job path I am on is a good one. I feel content with the choice, excited about the opportunities, confident that I will get everything I want and need from it, and filled with joy that I have the opportunity to pursue it.

My hope and wish is that the perfect job opportunity presents itself to everyone in the world.


Dea Lorea


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