This time of year

What it means to me is simple. Most have complicated expectations of what they think it should mean to me.

Peace and joy.

Love and family.

Sharing and giving.

Karma in its most obvious form.

And a place in your soul that lights up in ways that no other time can duplicate.

Laughter and lights.

Cozy and warm.

Each ornament I pull from the boxes is like a stranger until I hold it up in the light. Memories are vivid. Who gave this to me. Gave it to us. Sharing the love of the day. I remember when I received it. Where I was. What they said. What I said. The feeling radiating off of it is the same as when I first saw it. Remember it. When it was made by small hands and carried home and hung. Or I was thought of and matched with it and it was wrapped and given.

Dea Lorea


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