The feeling reminds me of you.

The site and sounds. Memories I will cherish forever. The amount of time spent was and is set in stone. Learned lessons and passion made.

Lingering on my cheeks is the bite of the cold air that reminds me of the warmth I felt in your arms. The sent of you. Touching your skin with my fingertips and your shirt with my wrist.

It happened a long time ago and still happens.

Every time we are here. Again and again, the same and new. Special and common. Though, further apart the time between these moments gets. Just as beautiful and magical. I cherish them more now. I hope for it to linger and stay. To last until next time. This feeling linked to the next and last time it was and will be felt.

It will always be this strong. It lives forever.

This feeling that reminds me of you.


Dea Lorea


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