Joy forever

It is profound that the exact same place with the same light and same temperature and same breeze can feel completely different to me depending on my own perspective.
What I feel that I love in the world, is really what I love in my head. In my soul. inside me, who I am.
I feel that I left an imprint of how I felt in a moment in time while looking at the tree. When I look at the tree again in a different moment in time, the imprint of the old feeling can be seen and felt. Though more distant. It is almost impossible for my mind to grasp that I felt an entirely different way about this tree not two days ago.
If I imprint my joy and peace on enough of my surroundings, can this influence me to be more full of joy and peace more of the time? Is this true for the opposite?
Happiness is a state of mind.


Dea Lorea


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