There is a time in a woman’s life, I have noticed. A time when the world shifts. A light comes on. An epiphany happens. A wave of different crashes over the universe that we thought we had all figured out. There is just a change. Maturity, growth, wisdom, knowledge, acceptance.

I know that within a year I have become a new woman. I have changed without changing. I have a different life that it still my own. A lot of little specific changes combined to make one that is so enormous that it can’t be noticed until you step back and turn off the mind.

I see other women around the same age as me going through the same thing. I remember seeing this when I was younger and even then I could not quite put my finger on the description of their being.

Much like everything else that happens in my life. When the thing or moment or situation or evolution happens to me, it never feels the way it looks when it happens to someone else. And I can experience it in my own way. Knowing that it is all part of the transition. All I can do is make it me. Make it mine. I am beautiful and perfect and strong and capable.

My growth makes me even more me.


Dea Lorea


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