Nowhere to go but here

The sadness wants to come. The difference between now and then is that it will not come to take over now. It is impossible. I have acknowledged it. Once it is in the light it dissolves. It has to. It has no other choice. I am the only one with a choice. In order to indulge and get lost in the depths of this, I would have to put forth more effort than it would take to just be free and happy. I would have to navigate through the tornado. When you are in it, there is so much blindness. So much confusion. The confusion is plain and simply confusion of being in the wrong state of mind.  Of having the wrong view. It gets mixed and intertwined.

Now looking from a distance. From a secure point of view. I can name the feeling and desire. I can acknowledge it. Accept what is. Within seconds it is only what it is. I am strong enough to feel it, deal with it, learn from it.

Present and moving on.

Still and racing with time.


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