There is always peace

I cried. Hard. For the first time in a long long long time. For the first time I could pin point my exact emotions and why I felt them. I relished in them. I let the feeling come. I got acquainted with them. Said hello, old friend. You are a friend that I have always been with but never really knew. I felt you as though I had many times, because I had. But I never truly knew you. From the eyes I have now, you are easy to see. I can remember the eyes I had then. Sharp stings of pain. Pain that I now understand, at the time felt  like a stranger. The pain is familiar because I felt it many times. Now, understanding the feelings acquaints me with the pain in a different way and it is dissolved. Broken down and gone. And what comes next is acceptance, love, understanding, learning, building, knowledge, freedom, clarity, simplification. And then. Another level. I watch as my spirit glides through this experience. Deep underneath the layers that I know from experience that I will get through in time, there is peace.


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