In the Fall there is a day full of fun and fantasy. I lose myself in childhood memories. Love and joy. Excitement and hope. It can be very simple if you let it. A day to walk around in the dark taking candy from strangers. Oooing and aaawwing at all of the costumes. Orange and black and sparkle and brightness against the darkness.

The smell of pumpkin guts. The slimy feeling between your fingers. The hallow sound when the knife slices through.The thud when the finished product is set down.

You know the sounds and sites. Because almost all of us have been there, year after year. And then we show our children. And the fantasy is alive again and still.

Popcorn balls and caramel apples. Glow sticks and twinkle lights. Laughing and screaming and gasping and whispers.

Sharing the joy and hope. Sweetness and fun. Forget about what it means to everybody else. What does it mean to you? What will you make of this day? will it be your fantasy?


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