Walking is my meditation

I can clear my mind, shut it off. Just enjoy. The ride I get to take through the neighborhood. Observing life. Birds, dogs, chickens and the like. Admiring the homes that I love the landscapes of. The sun and warmth. The clouds and shade. The wind has been crisp and clean and cold. Plenty of leaves to crunch under my feet.

I can meditate sitting in a quiet spot. Like I have been instructed to do. But I have to work at it. I don’t want to work at something like meditation. Walking is my natural way to be present. My soul smiles and my face shows it. My lungs beg for me to pull in long drags of the clean air. If I think, the only thing I can think about is how beautiful everything is. How wonderful the feeling is. How awesome the energy is. How peaceful and joyful and perfect everything is.

So I am present. Intensely present. And the shell that is my body falls away. I am light and energy. Moving through the world. Forward but nowhere.


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