Memories of the summer are brought to my mind. What became of spring. Blooms grew into flowers. Summer is when a leaf is pliable and thick with life. The sun shinning warmth and energy into living things. Spring is a promise, a hope, a secret being reviled. Spring is growth in progress. Summer is when life is in full site. Branches like arms reaching and open to the world, showing the secrets that were hidden.

So many times in my life, the seasons and weather and world energy represent what is currently going on inside my personal life. They mesh, blend, combine. But this time, this thing that is happening, this beginning of things that will happen, seems so much more like spring than fall.

Here we are deep in the middle of fall and I see a bloom. A secret hidden inside a promising beautiful new born leaf. A bud ready to burst with color.

It must be the universes way of telling me to see things differently. That there is promise in the turning leaves as well as the blooming ones. There is beauty in the colors. There is hope in them as they fall to the ground. Promise that life will come again. Life is still present. It is quiet and reserved. It is building already.


There are some things happening in my life that are exciting and scary and new and hopeful. I will share them with you more as things happen. But for now, its fall. The blooming has to wait. When it is ready to be seen, it will be seen. Not before its ready. Before I am ready.


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