Adjusting to change

As much as I enjoy Fall and Halloween, you would think I would have more decor.

Whatever. What I do have is pretty fucking cute. šŸ™‚

I painted the pantry door when we moved in so that I can change it to whatever I want. And at the same time get some of my “art” out. šŸ™‚ This is so easy people! You buy a can of chalkboard paint and paint it on. SO CUTE. I got this idea a long time ago and was inspired to do it by the people who bought our old house. They painted all of the kitchen cabinets with it.

I think my pumpkins look like butts.

I have a cute sign hanging outside too, but didn’t take a pic. I am in such a no hassle mood right now, or I would go take one really quick. Guess you are out of luck today!

Oh, and I have not forgotten about posting updates…

I still have to post pictures of my painted bathroom for you.

And I totally cleaned out my garden yesterday. I will post about that soon too.

I think I get more cleaning (physically and mentally/spiritually) done in the fall than in the spring. Screw spring cleaning. My thing is Fall cleaning.

Off to clean windows…..ugh I hate cleaning windows.


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