A storm came through. Its started on Tuesday Night and its coldest part is hitting right now. I was not prepared for such a huge and fast transition. I covered the cooler vent with foil and am wondering if its time to clean and fire up the heater. The weather guy says this will pass and we will be back into the sunny 70 degree weather that is usually around this time of the year. This is Nevada. Halloween is always a toss up. We have frozen to death walking door to door for trick or treating, seen snow, seen rain and we have been able to wear shorts. Costumes always are of the layered variety as to unsure coverage of any weather.

But maybe that is what I love about where we live. because I love change so much, it makes it easy for me to pull a sweater out of my closet one day and shorts and a tank top the next. Mix it up weather. I love it.

It is interesting to me though, this fall. Other parts of my life are doing some transitioning in just the same way. BOOM. And then adjust. POW. And then learn. SMACK. And then move on. And as this goes on I have also had such an awakening, an epiphany, a realization in another part of my life that actually has everything to do with every other part of my life. The way I have handled this latest drama fest leaves me proud and I feel weathered in a good way. I feel like Fall. Like this is old news, been there done that. I still love that every time is still completely different and the same. Things are going to sleep and are dieing. But everything is so beautiful while doing so. And everything will be back next spring. So we need this time to rest in order to grow. I am getting rid of the dead, old, dieing, weighted, withered, things that I will never be a part of again. But I will. Because they will be completely different and the same. Next time I will recognize the bad and walk away before I have to live out another long summer trying to bloom while being held down. Next time I will flourish and grow and bloom and be free because I am rid of you.


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