In the Fall there is a day full of fun and fantasy. I lose myself in childhood memories. Love and joy. Excitement and hope. It can be very simple if you let it. A day to walk around in the dark taking candy from strangers. Oooing and aaawwing at all of the costumes. Orange and black and sparkle and brightness against the darkness.

The smell of pumpkin guts. The slimy feeling between your fingers. The hallow sound when the knife slices through.The thud when the finished product is set down.

You know the sounds and sites. Because almost all of us have been there, year after year. And then we show our children. And the fantasy is alive again and still.

Popcorn balls and caramel apples. Glow sticks and twinkle lights. Laughing and screaming and gasping and whispers.

Sharing the joy and hope. Sweetness and fun. Forget about what it means to everybody else. What does it mean to you? What will you make of this day? will it be your fantasy?


Walking is my meditation

I can clear my mind, shut it off. Just enjoy. The ride I get to take through the neighborhood. Observing life. Birds, dogs, chickens and the like. Admiring the homes that I love the landscapes of. The sun and warmth. The clouds and shade. The wind has been crisp and clean and cold. Plenty of leaves to crunch under my feet.

I can meditate sitting in a quiet spot. Like I have been instructed to do. But I have to work at it. I don’t want to work at something like meditation. Walking is my natural way to be present. My soul smiles and my face shows it. My lungs beg for me to pull in long drags of the clean air. If I think, the only thing I can think about is how beautiful everything is. How wonderful the feeling is. How awesome the energy is. How peaceful and joyful and perfect everything is.

So I am present. Intensely present. And the shell that is my body falls away. I am light and energy. Moving through the world. Forward but nowhere.


Memories of the summer are brought to my mind. What became of spring. Blooms grew into flowers. Summer is when a leaf is pliable and thick with life. The sun shinning warmth and energy into living things. Spring is a promise, a hope, a secret being reviled. Spring is growth in progress. Summer is when life is in full site. Branches like arms reaching and open to the world, showing the secrets that were hidden.

So many times in my life, the seasons and weather and world energy represent what is currently going on inside my personal life. They mesh, blend, combine. But this time, this thing that is happening, this beginning of things that will happen, seems so much more like spring than fall.

Here we are deep in the middle of fall and I see a bloom. A secret hidden inside a promising beautiful new born leaf. A bud ready to burst with color.

It must be the universes way of telling me to see things differently. That there is promise in the turning leaves as well as the blooming ones. There is beauty in the colors. There is hope in them as they fall to the ground. Promise that life will come again. Life is still present. It is quiet and reserved. It is building already.


There are some things happening in my life that are exciting and scary and new and hopeful. I will share them with you more as things happen. But for now, its fall. The blooming has to wait. When it is ready to be seen, it will be seen. Not before its ready. Before I am ready.

My art on Etsy

I just started an Etsy Shop.

I only have one thing so far. Testing the waters….

These were so fun toΒ  make. I hope to put all of my other creations up for sale on Etsy as they come.

Fall Garden Update

This was the last harvest from my garden before I cleaned it out.

I was a little surprised at the amount that I got out of it. It really didn’t look like much was left. But there were all kinds of goodies hiding in there.

I built a little compost pile thingy. I pulled everything out of the garden and piled it inside. It was fun to see how much the roots had grown and it felt good to clean out all of the dead. It also felt good to get rid of those stupid green bugs. I grinned as they flew and jumped around not knowing were to go. HAHA SUCKAS!

I left the tomato plants because they are still growing tomatoes. And I left the Marigolds. Its still warm outside so they think its still grow time. We got a late start this year anyway, so I will give them a little extra time.

Look at the beautiful colors starting on the trees.

And this has nothing to do with my garden or yard, because I didn’t use anything out of it to make these. But how “Fall” are these banana muffins? They were yummy.


Adjusting to change

As much as I enjoy Fall and Halloween, you would think I would have more decor.

Whatever. What I do have is pretty fucking cute. πŸ™‚

I painted the pantry door when we moved in so that I can change it to whatever I want. And at the same time get some of my “art” out. πŸ™‚ This is so easy people! You buy a can of chalkboard paint and paint it on. SO CUTE. I got this idea a long time ago and was inspired to do it by the people who bought our old house. They painted all of the kitchen cabinets with it.

I think my pumpkins look like butts.

I have a cute sign hanging outside too, but didn’t take a pic. I am in such a no hassle mood right now, or I would go take one really quick. Guess you are out of luck today!

Oh, and I have not forgotten about posting updates…

I still have to post pictures of my painted bathroom for you.

And I totally cleaned out my garden yesterday. I will post about that soon too.

I think I get more cleaning (physically and mentally/spiritually) done in the fall than in the spring. Screw spring cleaning. My thing is Fall cleaning.

Off to clean windows…..ugh I hate cleaning windows.


A storm came through. Its started on Tuesday Night and its coldest part is hitting right now. I was not prepared for such a huge and fast transition. I covered the cooler vent with foil and am wondering if its time to clean and fire up the heater. The weather guy says this will pass and we will be back into the sunny 70 degree weather that is usually around this time of the year. This is Nevada. Halloween is always a toss up. We have frozen to death walking door to door for trick or treating, seen snow, seen rain and we have been able to wear shorts. Costumes always are of the layered variety as to unsure coverage of any weather.

But maybe that is what I love about where we live. because I love change so much, it makes it easy for me to pull a sweater out of my closet one day and shorts and a tank top the next. Mix it up weather. I love it.

It is interesting to me though, this fall. Other parts of my life are doing some transitioning in just the same way. BOOM. And then adjust. POW. And then learn. SMACK. And then move on. And as this goes on I have also had such an awakening, an epiphany, a realization in another part of my life that actually has everything to do with every other part of my life. The way I have handled this latest drama fest leaves me proud and I feel weathered in a good way. I feel like Fall. Like this is old news, been there done that. I still love that every time is still completely different and the same. Things are going to sleep and are dieing. But everything is so beautiful while doing so. And everything will be back next spring. So we need this time to rest in order to grow. I am getting rid of the dead, old, dieing, weighted, withered, things that I will never be a part of again. But I will. Because they will be completely different and the same. Next time I will recognize the bad and walk away before I have to live out another long summer trying to bloom while being held down. Next time I will flourish and grow and bloom and be free because I am rid of you.