Garden Update #3

Fall is coming. Very slowly. It is supposed to be around 90 degrees today. I am ready to break out my sweaters and scarves. Obviously I still haven’t stopped wearing shorts. I would rather be cold. Most people I talk to would rather roast all year long. Again, I heart change, so there you go.

I went to the Candy Dance last weekend with my mom, sister, daughter and niece. I would love to live in Genoa, where this is held. It is literally in the mountains. So beautiful. And they get more cold weather and snow than hot desert weather. Someday I will move there. At this event they have tons of vendors that come and set up and sell all of their handmade and just plain cool stuff.  I bought this little garden lizard to put in my flower pot.

And when I went out to take a picture I found a real one. So cute.

And it must be lizard day because I went out to the garden to take some pictures and found these tracks. It made me giggle to myself.

The garden is still growing like its summer….kinda. I guess cause it still is here in the desert.

I haven’t been really looking around in the garden and then this weekend I was busy in Genoa and visiting. So, Monday when I came out to water and check it out I freakin found so many big huge cucumbers growing under the leaves. I was like a kid on Christmas. Digging and gasping and pulling.

My pumpkin’s vine has died. Does that mean its done? It still has a tiny bit of green on it. But I am so excited to bring it in or out on the front porch to display it for Halloween.

I am looking in to building a compost box. And we are thinking of building another garden box like the one I have so that next year we will have more stuff and be able to separate certain plants.

I saw a beautiful garden in Genoa. Someday I will have one there too. I hope.


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