It really is about the WAY you think. Your perspective.

I was painting my bathroom yesterday. YES I KNOW. Totally getting it done FINALLY. (I will post pics later.) I was thinking about life…as I do when I paint anything. This is one of the reasons why I like painting. (Those pics will be up soon as well. I have lots going on here, though I haven’t been posting it..yet.) And I had a moment. It was awesome. I have had moments of sadness or anger where I have gotten overwhelmed and had to cry. Haven’t we all? But never have I been thinking alone like this and gotten so overwhelmed with joy and contentment that I cried. I cried tears of joy and gratitude. I was so thankful and happy. I cried and then I smiled and I was amazed and excited and I cried more. If you ever thought I was a weirdo, I guess this just gives you more reason huh?

I am a pretty emotional person. But I have recently been learning so much more about myself. What I “thought” I was and what I thought my “story” was are actually just those. A story. A thought. Its not a deep weird unexplainable thing. Its really very simple. And yet it was so hard for me to see it.

Inquiry into my thoughts, being present, being open to stepping back and looking at my feelings and emotions and impulses, Seeing the truth of the present moment…..

I have changed my relationships, abundance in my life, peace in my mind, the world around me. And it all happened inside me. And I did not do it by controlling anything…..

Thank you all for reading my blog. I love you all. You are all part of my life.


2 Comments on “Joy”

  1. Dea Lorea says:

    ❤ I agree. Thanks mom!

  2. Dee Fisher says:

    So happy for you. I believe it’s all part of growing older. There is a lot to be said about maturity. It is all about change, you know the only thing that is constant is … change!
    Love you,

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